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An aspirational map of the Wharfedale Greenway
An aspirational map of the Wharfedale Greenway

The Wharfedale Greenway is a proposed 20-mile traffic-free route that would follow the River Wharfe from Pool in Wharfedale to Bolton Abbey. It would be a fantastic asset for our community, providing a safe and healthy way to get around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Wharfedale Valley.

We, the Friends of Wharfedale Greenway, are a group of volunteers working to make this project a reality. We’ve made great progress so far, but we need your help to cover the running costs and materials to promote the proposal to the local community and decision-makers.

How you can help:

  • Make a donation: Any amount you can give will make a difference. We’re a registered charity, so your donation is tax-deductible.
  • Volunteer your time: We’re always looking for people to help with our campaigning and fundraising activities.
  • Spread the word: Tell your friends and family about the Wharfedale Greenway and encourage them to support our work.

Why should you donate?

The Wharfedale Greenway would have a number of benefits for the community, including:

  • Improved health and well-being: The Greenway would provide a safe and accessible space for people to walk, cycle, and run. This would encourage people to be more active, which would improve their physical and mental health.
  • Reduced traffic congestion: The Greenway would take cars off the roads, which would reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.
  • Boosted tourism: The Greenway would attract tourists to the area, which would boost the local economy.
  • Protected environment: The Greenway would help to protect the natural environment of the Wharfedale Valley.

We believe that the Wharfedale Greenway is a vital project for our community. With your help, we can make it a reality.

Please donate today!

Thank you for your support!

Why get involved? By supporting the Greenway, you’re not just helping to create a beautiful space, you’re also:

  • Investing in your community: A thriving Greenway attracts visitors and boosts local businesses.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle: Encourage people to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature.
  • Protecting the environment: Greenways are a haven for wildlife and will be a vital green corridor across the Wharfe Valley.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join forces and make the Wharfedale Greenway the envy of all the others!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Send us an email: [Insert email address for Greenway organizers]
  • Join our Facebook group: [Insert Facebook group link]
  • Come to our next meeting: [Insert meeting date, time, and location]

Together, we can make the Wharfedale Greenway even greener and more wonderful for everyone!

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P.S. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family! The more the merrier!

What could the Greenway bring?

What Our Supporters Say

The Friends of Wharfedale Greenway have played an instrumental role in raising awareness and garnering support for the project. Their dedication and passion are truly inspiring.

I’m grateful for the opportunities the Wharfedale Greenway project has brought to our community. It has not only improved connectivity but also enhanced our quality of life.

As a business owner, I’m proud to support the Wharfedale Greenway. It’s a sustainable initiative that benefits both residents and companies in the area.

Corporate Supporters

We’re calling on all businesses to lend a hand by offering your valuable services to support the Greenway. No matter your expertise, there’s something you can do to make a difference. If you can help please take a look at our Corporate Supports page.

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